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We have had a most amazing day writing poems with the famous poet Stewart Henderson. Here is the poem he helped us to write...

How big is the sun?
How deep is the sea?
How far is the moon?
How marvellous is me?

I'm also a wonder,
Like oceans and stars.
I'm just plain amazing,
Like Pluto and Mars.

The moon is near my house
And yet so far away.
The North Pole is much nearer,
Where I'd like to stay all day!

Did you like it? We do!

We have had a go at writing more poems with our teacher (who is not a famous poet!). See if you like this one too...

What did the Hungry Caterpillar eat?
How big do you think he will grow?
What will he eat for his lunchtime treat?
Where will the little caterpillar go?

Apples and pears,
Oranges and plums,
Strawberries and ice-cream too.
Chocolate cake, pickles,
Cherry pie, Swiss cheese,
A cup cake and watermelon - phew!

A nice juicy leaf before a good sleep,
for just a week or two.
Out of his cocoon a beautiful butterfly comes,
And look - away he flew!