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National Science Week March 2014 - "Out of the Blue"

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As a Primary Science Quality Mark Gold Award school, we like to have fun with our science lessons and are always looking for opportunities to have a "Wow!" experience to motivate and challenge our young scientists. This year was no different.


The teachers staged a crashed landed balloon scenario for the pupils to investigate and draw their own conclusions based on the available evidence. All week the children designed their own investigations in order to answer some simple questions they wanted to know the answers to: "Who was in the balloon?", "Where were they going?", "Where had they been?", "What had they been doing?", "How did the balloon crash land  in our field?" and many others.


As they questioned, measured, compared, recorded, analysed data, looked for patterns and presented their findings the children soon found out that science has several lines of enquiry. Each class drew their own conclusions and added their findings to the incident board set up in the corridor.


At the end of the week the children presented their findings to the whole school and our local PCSO, who came armed with his note book and evidence collection bags. If you want to find out any answers to the questions the children were exploring, ask your child to tell you what they found out!