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Allington with SedgebrookChurch of England Primary

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Curriculum Provision by Classes

Our Curriculum

 Children progressively gain knowledge through a carefully constructed curriculum. They learn through exciting topics such as: A Journey through Narnia, Ahoy there , Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, All Creatures Great and Small, Food for Thought, Deep Seas and Creeping Coasts to name but a few.

Maths is taught as a more standalone subject but can be themed at times.

We strongly value the holistic development of each child so children are also encouraged to build upon their skills in key areas such as :

How to be a…

Creative Thinker

An Effective Participator

A Reflective Learner

A Self-Manager

And a Team Worker


How can you find out more?

You can find out more about our curriculum through parents’ evenings, open days, specific curriculum days or simply by contacting the head or class teacher.


Phonics and Reading Schemes in Key Stage One

Please see our signpost “Useful Information – Teaching Reading” for further details.

Please find below our curriculum subject planning for each class