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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governing Body page of the Allington with Sedgebrook C of E Primary School website.

In our number we have parents, business people, magistrates, teachers, cycling and rugby fanatics with one common goal; that is to see the children of AWS school reach their full potential.

This website gives us the opportunity to share more about our work and importantly, hear more of your views. When we have important news to share or need to get your feedback, we will ensure that you are directed to this web page through parent mail.

Governors are always keen to hear your views, so please come and speak to us.  The school office has our details if you need to get in touch.

The Governing Body is a group of people; made up of representatives of parents, school staff, the diocese and the local authority.  Your Governors are: -
Ewan Edwards (Chair),  Anne Fleming (Vice),  Fina Martinez-Perez, Reverend Harriet Orridge,  Dawn Minckley, Thomas Sang with school support from Leanne Barr, David Drew and Chris Warby.  Our Clerk is Mrs Denise Reed.


Our role is to ensure that the school operates effectively and fulfils its aims.  We do this by:

1) Working alongside the head teacher as equal partners to provide a strategic view for the school; setting aims, objectives, principles and targets.

2) Ensuring accountability, which we do through visiting, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the policies and procedures that have been put in place.

3) Being a ‘critical friend’ of the school; asking challenging questions and celebrating the school’s successes.

We meet as a full governing body every term.


School Development Priorities September 2016 - July 2018

Teaching & Learning

To improve the role, purpose and function of Teaching Assistants in order to maximise impact for all of our children.

This will be a whole school approach with teachers, teaching assistants and the leadership team playing a key role in shaping improvement.

We will be working alongside The Education Endowment Foundation with an emphasis on research-led development.

This is an expansive area of work and is pertinent to the improvement priorities for S.N. pupils and Year 4 boys


To develop a mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics.

Focusing on developing deep understanding and secure fluency/flexibility with facts and procedures, and providing differentiation by offering rapid support and intervention to address each individual pupil’s needs.


Year 2 Assessment Policy Review

Does it provide a framework for robust and meaningful monitoring of pupil progress with a particular focus on maths?

Special Educational Needs & Disability

Review all SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability) procedures and systems to ensure that they are consistent with the SEND Code of Practice and provide the very best opportunities for our pupils academically, socially and emotionally.

Physical Education

To develop an effective whole school assessment system for Physical Education.

To formulate a tracking system for monitoring after school attendance at P.E. clubs.

Governing Body Structure