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Allington with SedgebrookChurch of England Primary

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Class 3

In Class 3 we work hard and have lots of fun at the same time. Mrs Cowley and Mrs Rose are our teachers and our brilliant teaching assistant, Mrs Faulkner, is in our classroom most of the time to help with our learning.


Just before our Christmas Show

Our topic 'Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye' was all about World War 2 is giving us lots of opportunities to think about what life was like for children during wartime. We have started by listening to the radio broadcast from the Prime Minister, then explored the evacuation of children, WW2 songs, posters and significant events during the war.  We will finish our topic by making our own VE Day party tea and dressing up.

Class 3 enjoy learning about history and have visited The Collection in Lincoln twice in the past 2 years to experience life as a Viking and also as a Roman. We wonder which way of life you would prefer!


Recently, we enjoyed a visit from a Viking expert, who told the children all about the Viking way of life and showed them many artefacts. The teachers were proud of the questions the children asked and the knowledge they gained. Such knowledge came to good use in the end of term debate, which focused on the essential question of our Project Based Learning: How vicious were the Vikings? This debate was held at the Grantham Council Chambers in front of an audience of parents and grandparents. Groups of children spoke (using the microphones) and used slide presentations to illustrate their points.


You can see photos of our visitor, our debate, our Viking-inspired science, art, maths and role play below.





The first topic of the school year gave us the opportunity to visit Creswell Crags to learn about life in the Stone Age. Exploring caves, learning survival skills and exploring animal bones all contributed to a great day out!
Another highlight for Class 3 has been our visit to The Workhouse in Southwell. It was wonderful to dress up and be treated as pauper children, as this gave a real feeling for what it must have been like to be an inmate of this place.

Special visitors always inspire us and we enjoyed having Valerie Taiwo from Culture Connect in our classroom for a day. She told us about African costume, dance, traditional stories and art. As you can see from the photos, we really enjoyed dressing up! In our African Adventure and Gift of the Sun topics we have explored the countries, colours and cuisines of Africa.