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Allington with SedgebrookChurch of England Primary

Together, our light will shine.

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Our Vision and Values

                                                                     'Together, our light will shine.'


At the heart of our family school is our belief that, "Together, our light will shine!"


Our vision is to be a deeply caring, successful school that develops children into confident, thoughtful and responsible citizens today and into the future.  Through our embedded Christian values, we strive for all to flourish and shine their light, recognising that together our good works can make a real difference.


‘Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works.”

Matthew 5:16


We strive to illuminate our vision through our embedded Christian values of:




Shining through our values

Hope- Overflowing with hope for a happy, peaceful and safer world for all.

Respect- Caring deeply about what we do and what we say- respecting and celebrating diversity.

Ambition- Being the best version of ourselves so we can achieve highly, create new opportunities and inspire others.

Forgiveness- When our light flickers, being able to help each other find our way again and make wise choices.

Truth- Knowing that being truthful is the best way, even when it’s hard at times.

Generosity- Willingly putting our thoughts into actions to make a positive difference in our school, community and globally.

Our light will help us:

To shine brightly when we are proud of our achievements.

To spotlight and celebrate the successes of others.

To move on when life has its ups and downs and rekindle when we’ve found our way again.

To do good and kind acts that make a real difference to our school, wider community and beyond (Especially for those who are not as fortunate as we are.)